So this has made you

So if something really can make you angry, then it's a case where you pay for a service and you have some expectations that will soon take your time and you will find that you are literally throwing your money in a window for something that is worth the value of the amount paid completely Does not match. And that's exactly what happened to you when you decided to order not a cheap women's magazine with a presentation of luxury goods, cosmetic tips and other fashion themes for the pleasure. Not that you would be so rich that you could afford to order all the advertised goods, however, as a woman, you are pleased to be able to flip through such offers and imagine how it would suit you. However, the reason for your magazine order is equally irrelevant in this matter.
You do not
You simply had great expectations, and in the box, instead of a representative printout of the magazine, something arrived, which, despite the high price of the consignment, resembled a rag rather than a woman's magazine. The distribution company obviously investigated the packaging, so instead of protecting the product with a plastic envelope, it just came in.