Show the World

You have a music club and nobody walks in there. Those few regulars that come to local groups just for one free beer will not tear you up. After the nights, you're wondering what to do with it. Give the people in your area a printed t-shirt with their club logo. People are happy to accept things for free, and you will be reminded of your surroundings. You know that the promotion in the local newspaper does not work. Promotional clothing may not be ugly.
Strikingly or inconcreably
Think of your original and unusual logo and you'll see that it doesn't have to be half a back to get noticed. The small picture on the sleeve is unobfable and from the advertising T-shirt becomes a piece of clothing, which can be worn in most jobs without making a person look like without a piece of taste. Everyone likes to be somewhere and people who come to you have fun at least immediately recognize.