Magdalene sat by the TV and wondered how to pack him. He was so terribly attractive and charming, and the women loved him. They liked it, and he knew it, so he used it abundantly. It was said that it seldom lasts for more than two, three days–more like nights. He knew that he had spent weekends at events outside the city, that he had met with his gang in good clubs and pubs.
If you don't know how to do it…
She also knew she had a pass for a fitness center and a sauna. Everyone knew that he cared for himself, even with a vischist who recommended him how to take care of the skin. Magdalene was sure she wasn't good enough to start flirting with him, let alone give her more than just a greeting in the morning when she came to work, and farewell when she was leaving this afternoon. So at least she dreamed.