Do you?

It is quite possible that the spatial possibilities of your house have already exhausted years with an increase in the number of family members, and you need to come to a rather radical expansion of its capacity. There are many options, but the rule is that the easiest way is to choose the most common path-i.e. the way up. What does this mean in practice? Usually, one more floor is added, or-for price reasons and for reasons of simpler construction, the installation of the attic. This is an excellent choice not only for saddle roofs. Even on the flat you can beautifully make a superbody, the rafter, insulation and inner lining are added, and it is painted! And we will still remove the risk of falling under the cover of sheet metal or asphalt strips, which were previously used on flat houses.
The Attic is fine
The attic always has something to wear. Slanted ceilings are romantic and in many respects practical. Especially when modern roof windows are used.